We, at “KreuzbergKinder”, believe that real creativity flourishes only where risks are taken, and boundaries are crossed.
That is why our latest collaboration, with award winning illustrator Felix Scheinberger and his students, is a unique experiment intended to blur the fine line between art and fashion.
In our extraordinary adventure together, we have asked each of the artists, carefully chosen by Felix, to capture in an illustration the hidden stories of the twelve frames in our exclusive Icon Collection.

We designed our glasses thinking about the people living in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin. Each frame was then taken by one of the artists as a travelling companion to a journey beyond our wildest dreams. The results of those adventures are magical art works that strike their viewers with awe.
Each such ‘out of the box’ illustration will appear on the box of the frame it encapsulates, creating a constant dialogue between the art work and the muse.
We look forward to blowing your minds with this unique and magnificent collaboration.
Express who you are or become someone else. Cross the boundaries and cut those chains.

Break the rules.






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